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Plantronics wireless and Bluetooth headsets have served and continue to do so in a range of applications in our day to day life. And, to feed their power requirements, they come inbuilt with batteries. After an efficient service of a long-long time, you might need to replace your headset system battery to continue enjoying its flawless and powerful performance. In this category, you can browse and shop Plantronics original and replacement batteries for your headsets, so that power is not the hurdle in your productivity.


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CS500 XD Series

  • CS520-XD
  • CS540XD

Savi W400 Series

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  • Savi WH500

Savi W700 Series

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From taking up customer calls at the call centers to vital internal office communications, wireless headsets are an indispensable part of our businesses and workplaces. At the same time, Plantronics Bluetooth headsets are a phenomenon in the personal use sector too. They attend to our music and entertainment needs, and of course, we use them for our calls and conversations. Mostly when we are on the go, like commuting to our workplace, Plantronics wireless headsets are the best. They bring in noise-canceling and host of intuitive call management features that help us have convenient calls on-the-go.

Powering your Communication Productivity

While wireless headsets keep you free from any wired clutter, it brings in the woes of its power requirements. But that's what the legendary innovator of audio technology, Plantronics, has already ensured of, using batteries. All Plantronics wireless and Bluetooth headsets come with inbuilt batteries that power them up for longer talk time. The office headset systems also pack batteries to power your office communication.

Shop Replacement Headset Batteries Now

Its always better to keep a spare battery for your Plantronics Bluetooth/wireless headsets, especially for your business or call centers. If you keep your replacement batteries ready, in the event of a headset running down of power, you can always put in the charged battery and continue working. Also, however efficient a headset battery is, it tends to lose its capacity after prolonged use. Keeping spare Plantronics batteries ready will ensure that the efficiency of none of your working professionals is affected. Shop now!