Plantronics Corded Headsets

Plantronics rules the market of audio electronics with its innovative range of headsets. For office calls to everyday music, Plantronics corded headsets are among the best in the market. They deliver an unmatched sound clarity and an outstanding audio experience even for your calls or while you're listening to some multi-media. Plantronics headsets are comfortable as all-day wear, and their intuitive controls make the use even more convenient. Check out the category to shop for Plantronics corded headsets to upgrade the quality of sound that enters your ears.

Advancing towards a smart sound experience

Time and again, Plantronics corded headsets have evolved to stand the best in their class. Neil Armstrong's Plantronics headset and the latest headsets of the brand are still pursued on one term - reliability. The brand ensures to add the most advanced audio technologies to let you completely immerse in the sound. It also takes care of your ears using SoundGuard technology, protecting you against acoustic shocks. So, while you enjoy the company of your corded headsets, your ears are in safe hands - or cushions! Plantronics Smart Sensor technology in the Blackwire series allows you to pick up a call by simply putting on your headset. Take off the headset, and any media playback will pause automatically.

The best corded headsets for your office

Office communications are office communications, way different from your regular calls or music time. To sound clear and sure, the medium of your conversation must be your best partner, just like Plantronics corded headsets. These headsets employ a noise-canceling microphone to trap only the user voice and filter out any other background noise. What reaches the receiver’s end is exactly what you wanted to say - crisp and precise. The Plantronics EncorePro, Supra, and Blackwire headsets are among the most innovative, versatile, and flexible headsets in the market suitable for homes or offices.